Looking for a freelance communications consultant?

I am a communications consultant based in Geneva. I have 18 years experience in working for charities, non-for-profit and international NGOs.

  • What would make your message unique and efficient?
  • How to display your vision and actions?
  • How to engage with your audience and stakeholders?

My role is to support you in strategising your communications and in making the most of your digital platforms.

I believe that communications channels are creative tools to convey messages and to inspire others. Communications have to be transparent, truthful, honest and intuitive.

Find out more about my work: Communications | Digital | Editorial

About me

I was born in France (before Internet & mobile phones!) and I have been managing communications and digital projects since 2000, mainly for NGOs and charities, in France, UK, Germany, Israel/Palestine and today Switzerland.

I hold degrees and certificates in journalism, communications and web management.

I have been working for various companies and people, and I look forward to meeting with you 🙂